Current Projects:

1. A revision of my dissertation into a book that explores the ways in which massive emigration from Scotland to North America in the late eighteenth century forced Scots living at home and in the colonies to reevaluate the benefits of their participation in the British Empire.

2. Two articles, one that probes George III’s assessment of British America in the era of the American Revolution, and the second that looks at Loyalist propaganda in New York in the 1770s.

3. Two DH projects: First, the construction of the Scottish Court of Session Digital Archive. Second, an exploration of Thomas Jefferson’s legal texts in the early days of the University of Virginia.

4. A collaboration with Carol Guarneri to construct a companion MapScholar site for a forthcoming edited volume exploring the interdisciplinary eighteenth century.


Current Courses:

I will teach two courses at UVA in Spring 2018:

Digital History – (a 5000-level course for advanced undergraduates and new grad students that introduced them to the methodology and practice of digital history)

George III’s American Revolution” – (a 4th-year undergraduate reading and writing seminar centered on George III’s conduct during the Revolutionary War and the overall collapse of royal authority and culture in the rebelling colonies).